About Colour Me Gorgeous

Colour Me Gorgeous has been enhancing women’s natural beauty for years. Women of all ages, colour, tone and skin types have been using Colour Me Gorgeous make up artistry. Now we give you our own range of cosmetics! Chosen by the artists’, this range has been selected for you, using our expertise in selecting only the best ingredients.

At Colour Me Gorgeous our newly launched, exclusive range of high quality, high end cosmetics is causing quite a stir. Priding ourselves in our extensive cosmetic artistry skills that have achieved a great reputation amongst the women of Sydney and beyond, we are delighted to now offer you the make up and the artistry.

We love cosmetics and we love what we do. Each and every one of us has natural beauty as nature divined. It is our job at Colour Me Gorgeous, to find the right tones, shades and textures of make up, in the right combinations, to enhance the unique complexion of each individual. By choosing Colour Me Gorgeous cosmetics, the pleasure of noticing all eyes on you, when you walk into a crowded area, is all yours.

If you want a makeover, we have the best artists in the business to give you exactly the look you want. If you want the best cosmetics, you need only look through our fabulous range where we are delighted to help you choose the products that best suit your skin and tone type. Each product in our range is as unique as you.

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